Quienes somos

H. Amable S.R.L. somos una empresa familiar con más de 50 años de experiencia en el mercado de reposición para automóviles clásicos y modernos.

Desarrollamos burletes de caucho natural, sintético y pvc para distintos usos, incluyendo matriceria a pedido.

Development and manufacture of extruded profiles made of vulcanized rubber and thermoplastic elastomer for the automotive.

We are a company with 50 years of experience in the manufacture of profiles of more than 130 models of different brands of cars between classical  and moderns. Our special category for classic or discontinued models cars, put us at the top of the niche market.

Some products: Morris, Plymounth 1936/1948, Chevette, Citroën 2CV, 3CV,  Fiat 600, 1100, F-100 1957/1998, Taunus, Peugeot 403, 404, 504, Renault 4, 6, 12, Beetle 1951/1982, etc